Friday, January 17, 2014

Vaseline Total Moisture Healthy Hand & Nail Review

 So I wanted to share my new favorite hand cream. It is by Vaseline and it is labeled to make "nails 10x stronger in 2 weeks". So I bought it to give it a try. Anything to make my nails stronger, and it was less than $4 at Wal-Mart.

I have been using it for about 3 weeks now, exclusively. I haven't been using any other nail strengtheners at all. I have to say that I think it is working! My nails haven't peeled or broke this entire time that I've been using it. The tips of my nails are a lot thicker. They used to be thin and translucent and simple things like running my fingers through my hair would cause them to split.

The smell might bother some people. It is a bit strong and smells like flowers. It is definitely a fake floral smell, not a real one. I kind of like it. It doesn't linger, and goes away once it has absorbed into the skin.

The formula is not greasy at all. Since it was made by Vaseline, I guess I was just expecting it to look and feel like petroleum jelly. Thankfully it is totally different. It's just a water based lotion and absorbs quickly into the skin. It is definitely moisturizing and my skin does feel a lot softer.

So I'm pretty happy with my purchase of this hand and nail lotion. I'm almost done with this little 3 oz. bottle and already purchased a back up!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Formula X for Sephora Crash Swatches

I got a $15 gift card recently from Sephora. I used it to buy one of their new polishes from their own Formula X line. It was hard to choose which one to get. Finally I made my choice on Crash, a cerulean blue glitter in a clear base.

This is one coat of Crash on top of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue. I love the contrast. Crash dries pretty gritty so top coat is pretty essential.

Is there any other Formula X polishes you'd recommend?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sweater Weather

Welcome 2014! This is my first post of the new year.

Gel polish is my new favorite thing. It is so versatile. You can do so many cool new techniques that you just can't do with regular nail polish.  My first manicure this year is a cable knit sweater look using white gel nail polish with a regular matte top coat. Basically, I just applied the first coat as usual and cured. Then I used a thin detailing brush with the same white gel and made the lines and cured. Even though I put a regular matte top coat on top, I still used the top coat gel over the design. I didn't want it to chip or peel off and I think the gel top coat helps. So after cleaning off the sticky layer, (gel polish has a sticky residue left behind after curing in the light. You have to clean off with alcohol) I used NYC Matte Me Crazy top coat.

'So this is all using at home gel polishes. The white is Sensationail White Lily and my accent brown color is Kiss Smoky. I don't know if this can be done with regular polish. You'd have to use thick lines and wait a long time for it to dry. But I was thinking maybe you can use like studs and gold chain, and paint over it with regular nail polish? I wonder if that would work and give the same look. 


Have you seen this 3d knit sweater trend? I think it came from Japan since I've seen it a lot on Japanese nail artists' instagrams.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sensationail Black Friday Haul

Sensationail, the DIY at home gel nail polish, just opened up an online store. There was a sale on Black Friday where most polishes were on sale for $5 each (usually priced at $11.99). I acted fast but sadly was only able to get two because the other colors were sold out already. They posted on Facebook that the sale was extended and I checked online again and the colors I wanted were back in stock! So I bought a bunch more!

I was really excited not only because of the sale, but because this is the first time I was able to get the colors I really wanted with the ease of buying them online.

 The sale is now over :*(  I heard these are also on clearance sale right now at Rite-Aid, Walgreens, and CVS so you still might be able to get them half off. If you would like a $2 off coupon, go to their Facebook page and click on "Nominate a Sensational Woman". All you have to do is nominate someone who you think deserves to be recognized as sensational and you will get a coupon emailed to you. Your friend doesn't even have to win. You get a coupon just for nominating someone!

Disclaimer: I am a Sensationail Ambassador, which means they do occasionally send me free products. These were all paid for by me with my own money, and not given to me for free. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sensational Review

This is a Press Sample that was sent to me but this is my honest opinion on the product. 

I recently have gotten into "DIY" soak off gel polishes. My favorite brand so far is Sensationail by Nailene. I have today one of the colors from their new Liquid Metal collection, Going for the Rose Gold.

It was hard to get the true color so it does seem more lighter than it really is. It is in real life a rose gold. It is a beautiful color that has a foil finish. The color kind of reminds me of Orly Rage

 The formula was really easy to work with. Usually with these gels, it floods my cuticles and clean up is kind of a pain. But I had no problem with this. It could be I'm just used to applying them now. I really had no clean up to do at all. It was like buttah!

And here is a little nail art I did. I added gold glitter as an accent and stamped the skyline from the new Bundle Monster plates. I got inspired by my favorite pro nail artists from Hey, Nice Nails!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Born Pretty Store

Sorry I have been MIA for the past month. I have no excuses. Just too lazy I guess to paint my nails. I've been trying to grow them out longer and started using Duri Rejuvacote. So far I am impressed. Anyway, that's not what this post is about.

Have you seen all the cool new stuff Born Pretty Store has gotten lately? If you've been around pinterest lately,  maybe you've seen this image?


So Born Pretty is now selling these gorgeous nail decorations for $2.99 USD. There are 23 different designs in either gold or silver. Here is a 10% off coupon code also: GPL91.

They are even running a contest now where you can get your choice of 3d nail decorations if you win. So check out all the new stuff they have and enter their giveaway. It looks like it ends on November 25.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

33 Day Challenge: Day 2

My most used color polish is Urban Outfitters Hottub.
I practically used it all summer. I don't know why but I love neon pink! Really, I was never really much of a pink person but I have been wearing it a lot lately. 
 I stamped the flowers again from my new Winstonia plates. This is from W-04. 

Thanks for looking and please check out the other blogs participating! 

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