Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Recent Polish Hauls

This is my first post even though I've had this blog since 2008! I cannot take a good picture no matter what! I went to CVS. I bought the Sally Hansen Halloween themed nail stickers. I bought the spider webs, skull & cross bones, Frankenstein green, and red fishnets. BOGO Half! Also I bought 2 nail polishes labeled Fright Night. One was grey w/ red and blue shimmer and the other was red glitter. While I was there, those were the only Halloween things out and set up but they had all the boxes out still unpacked. I saw a bunch labeled Wet N Wild so I'm hoping the OTP collection will be in one of those boxes. I think everything will be set up over the weekend so I'm going back to check on Saturday! Also if anyone is looking, did you know Albertson's sells WNW? I'm going to check out the one's near me and see if I'm missing anything!

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