Friday, September 30, 2011

TraceFace Philes: 1700 followers!

I should make a post just for giveaways I find. But here is a great one. GOSH Holographic!!

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Click to Enter!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Off Topic Thursday

I have to share that I am a Bzz Agent. I've gotten some awesome stuff to review from them in the past. I wish I had my blog back then. I've gotten Aveeno body lotion, Covergirl makeup, and my favorite so far a Sonicare FlexCare Toothbrush! I have a Burt's Bees campaign coming soon. Can't wait! I'll definitely be blogging about that.

Today they sent me a great BzzCampaign featuring Lawry's Seasoned Salt and Seasoning Mixes. I've always used Lawry's seasoning salt and the taco mixes. I got a small bottle of the seasoning salt and 2 packs of taco seasonings. I also go something new. They have a Tuscan Style Chicken Marsala seasoning mix and Southwestern Chicken Style seasoning mix. All full size samples! I also got an apron and some coupons to pass along. If you'd like some .75 cent off coupons for these, let me know! I can send one to you! Here are some pics of the package:

The Bzz Box

The goodies: Apron, coupons, seasonings, and Welcome letter

Yummy tacos!
So have you tried Lawry's yet?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great Blog Sale & quick nail update

I came across a great blog sale by The Daily Nail. She's getting ready to move around the world to India for 2 years!! So she's selling most of her stash. I think the prices are reasonable and you can take a look at what she's selling HERE. I bought 6 polishes for $15, and that includes shipping and handling! That was about $2.50 each! I can't wait to show you what I got.

Quickly, I'm so mad! My index finger nail broke but I knew that would happen. It was to be expected. It always seems to break once it gets to a decent length. I'm still going to continue trying out the Nail-aid for 3 more weeks just to see if it works. I'm still taking the vitamins. I'll post another picture next week. I really miss painting my nails though :(

Monday, September 26, 2011

Spellbinding Nails 1000 Followers Giveway!

Please check out this great blog and enter in this awesome 1000 follower giveaway! 

Nail Growth Update: Week 1 & a haul

This is Week One of using Nail-aid's Collagen Nail Builder and I have to say I think it works pretty well. My nail has grown some. I'm excited! Still not ready to start painting my nails again. I still want some more length and they are still peeling. Here are comparison pics.

Day 1

7 days later. My thumbnail broke so I filed it down.

I also found a new product to help strengthen my nails. I read about these on Maria from Cult Nail's blog. She mentioned she uses these nail hardener swabs by Dr. G. I found them in a clearance bin at Sally's.

And finally at Ross I found a couple Color Club collections. I found one of the Back to Boho sets and a Foiled set. These pictures are really crappy. So sorry!
Foiled Set
Back to Boho

Friday, September 23, 2011

Here's a Giveaway...

Please visit Lacquered Lover to enter her 700 follower giveaway for your chance to win a Butter London nail polish and a Sally Hansen Salon Effects. Click on the link under the pic to see her blog!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Get Glue stickers

Since I am taking a break from my daily manicures, I have something else to talk about today. Ok I spend too much time watching TV and being on the internet. I am a member of It is basically a social network where you "check in" to your favorite TV shows, movies, books, and music. Sometimes when you check in to something, you are awarded with stickers. You are able to actually get all the stickers you collect sent to you through the mail. I reached my first 20 stickers, so I ordered them. They are totally free, even ship to you for free. It is really cool. These are my stickers:

Sorry for the bad picture. I scanned these. Anyway, I think these are so cool! They are about as big as a 50 cent coin maybe? My favorite is the Conan sticker. I have more that are coming. Get Glue only send you 20 at a time and you can only request them once a month. If you sign up, please follow me. Click here for my invite link. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Starting from scratch

I've decided that I am going to cut all my nails down and start from scratch so to say. The nails on my
pointers on both hands have not grown in months. They keep breaking whenever it grows past the free edge. It is so aggrivating!  The other fingers are can't make up their minds either. I have short nails on middle fingers, medium nails on my ring fingers, and my thumbs and pinkies are going long and strong. Ugh. And the corners snag and break so easily. I don't use them as tools. I can tie my shoes and guess what, a broken nail. So I just chopped them all down except my thumbs. I am going to take a break from painting my nails and see how the Nail-Aid Collagen Nail Builder works for me. I have also started taking a vitamin supplement that includes biotin. It is Nature's Bounty Hair, Nails, and Skin vitamins. I've been having problems with hair falling out. I'm not going bald or anything but everyday, I have hair falling out from the root. I'm shedding all over the house. It is ridiculous. My skin could use a boost too. So I hope these vitamins help. My only problem seems to be remembering to take them.
5000 mcg of Biotin!

Deuce Beauties 900 Follower Giveaway!

Please visit Deuce Beauties blog and enter this sweet giveaway! 

Congrats on 900 Followers and growing! :) 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Rite-Aid's Glam Camp and Huge Halloween Haul

Just a warning, this post has a lot of pics!

I qualified for Rite-Aid's Glam Camp free bag. They did the same thing last year but it was a small duffle bag I think. This time it is a small make up bag. Wow the quality of this bag kind of sucks. I'm afraid it might break if I put any actual makeup in it. But I guess I get what I paid for which was nothing! Actually scratch that, I bought $15 worth of products to get this crap bag! Hahah oh well. I would have bought that stuff anyways even without the offer of a free bag.  Here are some pics. It came with a booklet about the makeup Rite-Aid sells and in the middle were a bunch of coupons.
Make up Bag w/ Booklet

Little Charm on the Zipper
Coupons that were in the booklet. Free Jesse's Girl Nail Polish!!

Now onto my haul. I want to share first a new nail polish by Del Sol called Trick-or-Treat. It is a color changing nail polish. Indoors it is orange with scattered holographic multicolored glitter. In the sun, it is black with scattered holographic multicolored glitter. It is out just in time for Halloween and I believe it is a limited edition color. I have a stand alone Del Sol store where I live so I picked up two of the Trick-or-Treat and 2 other colors. Rock star, a blue glitter that turns green in the sun and Heartbreaker, a red glitter that turns purple in the sun. The store always has a buy 3 get one free promotion.
Trick-Or-Treat, Heartbreaker, Rock Star

Trick-Or-Treat indoors natural light

Trick-Or-Treat outdoors sunlight

I also picked up a few of these glow in the dark jack-o-lantern cuties! From Rite-Aid, not Del Sol.

And last but not least...Thanks for taking the time to read this post and visiting my blog! I finally found them!.....


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Guess What? Another awesome giveaway! Also homemade Remove +

First so this isn't just a post for another giveaway, I finally got to make my own version of Zoya's Remove+. Here is a link to the famous blog post by Loodie Loodie Loodie detailing how to make your own faux Remove +.It was so easy! The hardest part was finding glycerin. I have been to a lot of stores, trying to find glycerin on my own. All I could find were glycerin capsules and suppositories! LOL. Finally I asked the pharmacist and guess what, it was behind the pharmacy counter. WTF? It is glycerin, not a prescription medication but still they kept it behind the counter. So if you are having trouble finding glycerin, try asking the pharmacist. Do not ask a sales associate! I did that before also and they never know or they say they don't sell it!

Ok, I found another giveaway. This time from Nailderella. Hurry it ends tomorrow September 18!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Great Giveway!

Please visit Valentine Kisses Blog and follow! She is hosting a great giveaway with awesome prizes!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Collective Haul

So I went all over the place today just to try and find some Wet n Wild On the Prowl collection. I could not find any yet. But I still managed to buy some things. When I was at CVS, I did find Confetti's Tasmanian Devil which I have been wanting for a while but never could find at any CVS's near me. This one was at a CVS in the next town over, about 20 min away.
Confetti Tasmanian Devil

I also picked up the Chanel dupe of Graphite by Revlon called Carbonite. They were just starting to put out all the Halloween stuff so I might go back there next week to finally find some WnW polish! I also went to Ross, Sally's, and Rite-Aid which were near by.

At Ross I found a Color Club collection, the neon Electro Candy. I also found Extreme Steel Hardener by nail-aid. On the box it says "Compare to Sally Hansen Miracle Cure". There was also a Collagen Nail Builder that said on the box "Compare to Sally Hansen Continuous Strength Formula". I'm eager to try both. They were $2.99 each. I also found a 6 pack of Sally Hansen. They were mostly vampy reds and pinks. It included Lustrous which is my favorite black polish. I find it funny though on the bottle, it is labled as "NailShine Miracle Top Coat". I guess that's why it was at Ross. :) Last I found a set of polish by Pink Cookie. They were cute light colors that had some tiny gold glitter in it.

Nail Treatments. Hope they work!

Sally Hansen Pack

Color Club Electro Candy Collection

Pink Cookie Polish. Each one has gold micro-glitter.

At Sally's I picked up Rock Solid and Rococo A-Go-Go from the new Mineral FX collection from Orly. I hate going into this Sally's because a man works there and he just stood there watching me like I was going to steal something. The store is tiny enough as it is and I did not have a happy shopping experience there. I just went in, got what I wanted and left. That guy just gave me the creeps.

Last I ran into Rite-Aid. I picked up Firefly from Jesse's Girl and a CQ polish called idyllic. Firefly is a shimmery blueish gold in a sheer white base. Idyllic actually looks a lot like Rococo A-Go-Go but more of a smoother finish where as Rococo looks like it has more flecks of glitter. Both have that purple-gold duochrome effect.
Jesse's Girl Firefly

Comparison of CQ idyllic and Orly Rococo-a-gogo

So I think that does it. I keep saying I'll go on a no-buy but not until I find On the Prowl!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chanel Peridot

I just got Chanel Peridot! I ordered it online from Nordstrom and they sent it in a huge box! This tiny little bottle of nail polish and they sent it to me in a box big enough for a pair of boots! I love this nail polish. I am sure there are cheaper dupes out there but I have a feeling they really can't compare. I usually change my nails everyday but I think this color will be on my nails for awhile. Seems like a waste if I take it off just to change it the next day.

Paws to Polish Birth Day Giveaway!!

Please check out this great give away from Paws to Polish!

Paws to Polish: It's my party and I'll have a giveaway if I want to!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Polish Vixen: Polish Vixen's 200 Follower Giveaway!

Another great give away! This time from Polish Vixen! Please go check it out!

Polish Vixen: Polish Vixen's 200 Follower Giveaway!: Good Morning Everyone!! So as promised I'm having another giveaway in appreciation of all my lovely followers!! This time I have two prizes ...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Haul!

I'll share pics later but I went to Rite-Aid today and finally found Sally Hansen's Pumpkin Spice! It is so weird because it was with some other colors that Target had on clearance recently. They also had Sally Hansen's limited edition Fall 2011 collection. This was the first time seeing them at Rite-Aid. I have seen them in Walgreens a few weeks ago and picked up Bronze Ablaze and Ruby Rush. Ruby Rush is so vibrant, I love the jewel tone! So I picked up Teal-y Fast and Coco-a-gogo this time around. Seriously I have to set up a light box so I can take some good pictures but there are some great swatch photos on My Nail Graffiti. Look how red Quick Brick is! I want the whole collection! Moving on, I also picked up Mermaid's Lagoon and Stiletto from the Julie G Collection from Jessie's Girl. I've been waiting for my Rite-Aid to put up that display. Also got Pumpkin & Blackula by NYC. That's been out for a while there but I decided to pick them up since they were only $1.99/ea. I walked out with 7 polishes for about $26. I don't think that's too bad.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

E.L.F. Nail Polishes are back in stock!

Anyone else get this email? Apparently ELF has new and improved nail polishes and they are in stock! (Actually I checked and there are 2 that are already out of stock, Mint Cream and Plum). Plus you get this cool nail kit ($75 value) free w/ an order of $15 and that can be $15 worth of anything! Code is NAILKIT and you have til 9/12/11. I'm not an affiliate, I'm just passing along the info!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Nail Graffiti: *500 Follower Giveaway*

Please check out this awesome polish give away! Not mine though.
"My Nail Graffiti: *500 Follower Giveaway*: Hi my lovely readers! This post is all for you 500 follower giveaway!! I LOVE blogging and having something to be passionate about..."
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