Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Haul!

I'll share pics later but I went to Rite-Aid today and finally found Sally Hansen's Pumpkin Spice! It is so weird because it was with some other colors that Target had on clearance recently. They also had Sally Hansen's limited edition Fall 2011 collection. This was the first time seeing them at Rite-Aid. I have seen them in Walgreens a few weeks ago and picked up Bronze Ablaze and Ruby Rush. Ruby Rush is so vibrant, I love the jewel tone! So I picked up Teal-y Fast and Coco-a-gogo this time around. Seriously I have to set up a light box so I can take some good pictures but there are some great swatch photos on My Nail Graffiti. Look how red Quick Brick is! I want the whole collection! Moving on, I also picked up Mermaid's Lagoon and Stiletto from the Julie G Collection from Jessie's Girl. I've been waiting for my Rite-Aid to put up that display. Also got Pumpkin & Blackula by NYC. That's been out for a while there but I decided to pick them up since they were only $1.99/ea. I walked out with 7 polishes for about $26. I don't think that's too bad.

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