Thursday, September 15, 2011

Collective Haul

So I went all over the place today just to try and find some Wet n Wild On the Prowl collection. I could not find any yet. But I still managed to buy some things. When I was at CVS, I did find Confetti's Tasmanian Devil which I have been wanting for a while but never could find at any CVS's near me. This one was at a CVS in the next town over, about 20 min away.
Confetti Tasmanian Devil

I also picked up the Chanel dupe of Graphite by Revlon called Carbonite. They were just starting to put out all the Halloween stuff so I might go back there next week to finally find some WnW polish! I also went to Ross, Sally's, and Rite-Aid which were near by.

At Ross I found a Color Club collection, the neon Electro Candy. I also found Extreme Steel Hardener by nail-aid. On the box it says "Compare to Sally Hansen Miracle Cure". There was also a Collagen Nail Builder that said on the box "Compare to Sally Hansen Continuous Strength Formula". I'm eager to try both. They were $2.99 each. I also found a 6 pack of Sally Hansen. They were mostly vampy reds and pinks. It included Lustrous which is my favorite black polish. I find it funny though on the bottle, it is labled as "NailShine Miracle Top Coat". I guess that's why it was at Ross. :) Last I found a set of polish by Pink Cookie. They were cute light colors that had some tiny gold glitter in it.

Nail Treatments. Hope they work!

Sally Hansen Pack

Color Club Electro Candy Collection

Pink Cookie Polish. Each one has gold micro-glitter.

At Sally's I picked up Rock Solid and Rococo A-Go-Go from the new Mineral FX collection from Orly. I hate going into this Sally's because a man works there and he just stood there watching me like I was going to steal something. The store is tiny enough as it is and I did not have a happy shopping experience there. I just went in, got what I wanted and left. That guy just gave me the creeps.

Last I ran into Rite-Aid. I picked up Firefly from Jesse's Girl and a CQ polish called idyllic. Firefly is a shimmery blueish gold in a sheer white base. Idyllic actually looks a lot like Rococo A-Go-Go but more of a smoother finish where as Rococo looks like it has more flecks of glitter. Both have that purple-gold duochrome effect.
Jesse's Girl Firefly

Comparison of CQ idyllic and Orly Rococo-a-gogo

So I think that does it. I keep saying I'll go on a no-buy but not until I find On the Prowl!

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