Thursday, September 22, 2011

Get Glue stickers

Since I am taking a break from my daily manicures, I have something else to talk about today. Ok I spend too much time watching TV and being on the internet. I am a member of It is basically a social network where you "check in" to your favorite TV shows, movies, books, and music. Sometimes when you check in to something, you are awarded with stickers. You are able to actually get all the stickers you collect sent to you through the mail. I reached my first 20 stickers, so I ordered them. They are totally free, even ship to you for free. It is really cool. These are my stickers:

Sorry for the bad picture. I scanned these. Anyway, I think these are so cool! They are about as big as a 50 cent coin maybe? My favorite is the Conan sticker. I have more that are coming. Get Glue only send you 20 at a time and you can only request them once a month. If you sign up, please follow me. Click here for my invite link. Thanks!

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