Saturday, September 17, 2011

Guess What? Another awesome giveaway! Also homemade Remove +

First so this isn't just a post for another giveaway, I finally got to make my own version of Zoya's Remove+. Here is a link to the famous blog post by Loodie Loodie Loodie detailing how to make your own faux Remove +.It was so easy! The hardest part was finding glycerin. I have been to a lot of stores, trying to find glycerin on my own. All I could find were glycerin capsules and suppositories! LOL. Finally I asked the pharmacist and guess what, it was behind the pharmacy counter. WTF? It is glycerin, not a prescription medication but still they kept it behind the counter. So if you are having trouble finding glycerin, try asking the pharmacist. Do not ask a sales associate! I did that before also and they never know or they say they don't sell it!

Ok, I found another giveaway. This time from Nailderella. Hurry it ends tomorrow September 18!

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