Monday, September 26, 2011

Nail Growth Update: Week 1 & a haul

This is Week One of using Nail-aid's Collagen Nail Builder and I have to say I think it works pretty well. My nail has grown some. I'm excited! Still not ready to start painting my nails again. I still want some more length and they are still peeling. Here are comparison pics.

Day 1

7 days later. My thumbnail broke so I filed it down.

I also found a new product to help strengthen my nails. I read about these on Maria from Cult Nail's blog. She mentioned she uses these nail hardener swabs by Dr. G. I found them in a clearance bin at Sally's.

And finally at Ross I found a couple Color Club collections. I found one of the Back to Boho sets and a Foiled set. These pictures are really crappy. So sorry!
Foiled Set
Back to Boho

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