Monday, September 19, 2011

Rite-Aid's Glam Camp and Huge Halloween Haul

Just a warning, this post has a lot of pics!

I qualified for Rite-Aid's Glam Camp free bag. They did the same thing last year but it was a small duffle bag I think. This time it is a small make up bag. Wow the quality of this bag kind of sucks. I'm afraid it might break if I put any actual makeup in it. But I guess I get what I paid for which was nothing! Actually scratch that, I bought $15 worth of products to get this crap bag! Hahah oh well. I would have bought that stuff anyways even without the offer of a free bag.  Here are some pics. It came with a booklet about the makeup Rite-Aid sells and in the middle were a bunch of coupons.
Make up Bag w/ Booklet

Little Charm on the Zipper
Coupons that were in the booklet. Free Jesse's Girl Nail Polish!!

Now onto my haul. I want to share first a new nail polish by Del Sol called Trick-or-Treat. It is a color changing nail polish. Indoors it is orange with scattered holographic multicolored glitter. In the sun, it is black with scattered holographic multicolored glitter. It is out just in time for Halloween and I believe it is a limited edition color. I have a stand alone Del Sol store where I live so I picked up two of the Trick-or-Treat and 2 other colors. Rock star, a blue glitter that turns green in the sun and Heartbreaker, a red glitter that turns purple in the sun. The store always has a buy 3 get one free promotion.
Trick-Or-Treat, Heartbreaker, Rock Star

Trick-Or-Treat indoors natural light

Trick-Or-Treat outdoors sunlight

I also picked up a few of these glow in the dark jack-o-lantern cuties! From Rite-Aid, not Del Sol.

And last but not least...Thanks for taking the time to read this post and visiting my blog! I finally found them!.....


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