Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Starting from scratch

I've decided that I am going to cut all my nails down and start from scratch so to say. The nails on my
pointers on both hands have not grown in months. They keep breaking whenever it grows past the free edge. It is so aggrivating!  The other fingers are can't make up their minds either. I have short nails on middle fingers, medium nails on my ring fingers, and my thumbs and pinkies are going long and strong. Ugh. And the corners snag and break so easily. I don't use them as tools. I can tie my shoes and guess what, a broken nail. So I just chopped them all down except my thumbs. I am going to take a break from painting my nails and see how the Nail-Aid Collagen Nail Builder works for me. I have also started taking a vitamin supplement that includes biotin. It is Nature's Bounty Hair, Nails, and Skin vitamins. I've been having problems with hair falling out. I'm not going bald or anything but everyday, I have hair falling out from the root. I'm shedding all over the house. It is ridiculous. My skin could use a boost too. So I hope these vitamins help. My only problem seems to be remembering to take them.
5000 mcg of Biotin!

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