Sunday, October 30, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mini Blog Sale

I picked up some extra polishes. Please send an email to if you want these. These are brand new unless otherwise stated. Shipping is $1.75 for the first item and .50 for each additional. Payment through Paypal only. Sorry sale is only open to US residents at this time. Will try to add pictures later but here is what I have for sale:

Wet N Wild:
Give Me a Price Quote.....................$3
Diamond In the Rough......................$3
24 Carats.........................................$3
Believe Me, It's Real.........................$3
Cost Is No Issue...............................$3
It's All In the Cut...............................$3
Black Magic (Rainbow Bar Glitter)....$3
Correction Tape................................$2
Buy Me A Drink...............................$2
Ready to Pounce..............................$2
Fantasy Makers Confetti (Silver Holographic Loose Glitter) $3

Sinful Colors:

Pumpkin Polish:
Orange & Black Bar Glitters in a Clear Base $2
Silver Moons & Stars in a Clear Base           $2  

Sunday, October 23, 2011

NOTD: Sinful Colors Snow Me White + OPI Rainbow Connection

I wanted to get this up before I go to bed. I didn't even put a "watermark" on the pictures yet. I'm too tired and lazy lol. It is so upsetting that I chipped this within a day. Always on my index finger which is my problem nail.

The Trace Face Philes 2000 Follower Giveaway


Wow! Check out the amazing prizes in this giveaway! I like the MU Store holos but I really want that Sinful Color Ocean set! Go to her blog and enter today!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Nail Mail Friday

I did a swap with a girl in a facebook group. I sent her Wet N Wild On the Prowl and I got some Icing nail polish. I don't have an Icing near me at all. She picked up Tiger's Blood and Bird of Paradise for me. These are prettier than I though they were. I can't wait to swatch them.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nail Mail

My order from The Daily Nail's blog sale finally came in! I'm so excited. I got some things I have been lemming for! I got six polishes all together.
Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud, Pure Ice Heartbreaker, Sinful Colors Green Ocean, Color Club Covered in Diamonds, Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Golden Cinnabar, China Glaze Zombie Zest

I am so excited to get Zombie Zest, Green Ocean and Opulent Cloud!! OH and Golden Cinnabar! I love them all. Plus I can't wait to make more jewelry with some of these. I think Zombie Zest would look great as a pendant!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

DIY Nail Polish Jewelry

There are a lot of girls making their own nail polish jewelry. I like to follow the masses so I have made a few of my own. I found some cheap supplies on Etsy. They came from China but I got five ring settings and five glass cabochons for less than $7. The originator of this trend is GingerKitty Designs, who has her own etsy shop where she sells beatiful jewelry painted with nail polish! I would love to see her polish collection!  I don't plan on opening up an Etsy shop soon. I ended up giving these to my daughter who will probably give some away to friends too. It was fun coming up with all the possibilities. I have way too many colors and there were plenty of combinations to choose from. But I narrowed it down and these are what I came up with!

From top to bottom: China Glaze Fairy Dust over a navy blue, Sinful Colors Nail Junkie, Kleancolors Scarlet over black, and the Forever 21 combo I have on my nails. I also made one more that is in the next pic, with Zoya Apple and Sinful Colors San Francisco. 

These were really simple and fun to make. What have you made lately? Show it off!

Friday, October 14, 2011


No nails to share today. Well, kind of. You can see my nails in the pics :) I am wearing Love & Beauty Dark Blue (I think, the names are so generic) layered with a silver glitter. It was the kind in the tulip bottle. Both from Forever 21. Anyway...I was excited to find some of my favorite candy at the grocery store today. I love the spicy and fruity mix of these Mexican candies!

There is a sticky, gooey candy inside the tube. You push the white part up and the candy comes out through the top through a bunch of little holes. It is kind of like those old school Play-Dough toys.

This is a watermelon flavored lollipop that is dipped in chili powder. Sounds gross but the flavors really come together. I love it!

With the wrapper off

What international candies do you like?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Your Chance to Win a UD Naked Palette

Carla from Deuce Beauties is having another great giveaway. This time the prize is Urban Decay's Naked Palette. There will be two winners. Click here to enter! It ends October 26.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dollar Tree Haul

Has anyone found cute polish at Dollar Tree late? Mine usually just has L.A. Colors but they finally had some new stuff. I found some glow in the dark polish called Expressions. I also found two other no names that had a bottle like the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength with a little rhinestone on the front. I haven't swatched those yet but hope they turn out OK. Really they were an impulse buy. I didn't need any of these. But when do I ever need any? Here is a pic:

Fake Sally Hansen, Glow in the Darks, Fake Sally Hansen
  I swatched the pink glow in the dark. It is so sheer. I only put on one coat to test it out and it is BRIGHT when it glows! I couldn't take any decent pictures but will try again later. But I tell you, I even put two coats of Revlon Starry Pink ON TOP of it and it still glowed! The only thing though is this polish STINKS!!! Ugh the smell is worse than Kleancolors Chunky holos. If you use these, please use them in a well ventilated area. Seriously I think I almost passed out from the toxic fumes. I guess I shouldn't be using them if they smell this bad. LOL

What Dollar Tree goodies have you found lately?  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Muppet Collection

Here is my OPI The Muppets Collection haul. I didn't buy all of them. I'm not much of a glitter fan. I skiped most of the glitters. I bought the solid colors and Rainbow Collection and Excuse Moi! Those are the only two glitters that interested me. I ordered from Avenue You and had a promo code to get 15% off plus shipping was only $1 since my order was over $50. Plus they sent me a free tote bag! Thanks you guys! Here are my pics.

From L to R: Pepe's Purple Passion, Warm and Fozzie, Animal-istic, Meep-Meep-Meep, Rainbow Connection, Wocka Wocka!, Excuse Moi!

Cute FREE tote bag. It says "Peace & Lipgloss".

Today I put on Pepe's Purple Passion. Can you see the subtle shimmer in this polish on my middle finger?

Have you picked up this collection yet? Check your local beauty supply, or order from Avenue You with code GIVEME15 to save 15% off orders of $75 or more. If the order is over $50, you get $1 shipping!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

NOTD: Cougar Attack + Trick-Or-Treat

These new WNW colors are great but I have found so far the formula is thick and streaky. I'm so glad it even outs after a few coats. So today I layered Del Sol Trick-Or-Treat over Wet n Wild Cougar Attack. I was really surprised that I liked the way Cougar Attack looked on my nails. I just didn't have any high expectations from it I guess. But it really popped once I saw what it looked like on me. I decided to still have some fun and put a layer of Trick-Or-Treat over it. This is a color changing nail polish. It is orange with holographic glitter indoors. When you go out in the sun, it changes to black with holographic glitter.

Cougar Attack by itself

With a layer of Trick-or-Treat on top, indoors

Outdoors, and now its all black!

Thanks for looking. I have a haul to share soon. Some of the Muppets Collection from O.P.I.! Stay tuned! :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tacky Snake

Tacky Snake
Originally uploaded by jeff.ramone

I found this pic online. This snake's "scales" are made entirely of fake nails! I love it. Check it out!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Just a quick post today. I used two colors. I used a green from set B of the Back to Boho collection by Color Club. My set came from Ross and there is no name or number printed on the bottle but the box does have the names listed. So I think this color is Voodoo You Do. It is 2 coats. Then I wasn't really impressed with the green. It was kind of boring so I topped it with a coat of Firefly from Jesse's Girl. Now it has a shiny gold shimmer. I love it!

Thanks for looking! Do you have a favorite color from the Back to Boho collection? 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fantasy Makers Haul

I ventured into Beverly's today, which is a craft and fabric store. I think they are only in California. I wasn't expecting to find anything make up wise. I went in looking for glass cabochons and pendant backings to make nail polish jewelry but that was kind of a dead end. I guess I'll be buying from Etsy or Ebay. Anyway, to get to the point, I found some Wet N Wild Fantasy Maker sets there! (They looked new to me, but after doing some research online, these might be from a few years ago.) They were having a BOGO Free sale on make up and eye lash kits! Also they had an older version of "Black Magic". It is the one that is multicolored bar glitter. They had the black creme also but they were named "Black Pearl". I got a red and black polish also in rose shaped bottles. They also had blue and white crackle polish there by some company I never heard of. I passed on those. So definitely check out a Beverly's if you have one near you!


Pink Glitter polish, Pink/Purple Eye Shadow Duo, Pink Lipstick, Lashes with Pink & Purple Rhinestones

  Black polish, Black lip gloss Skull Ring(!), Temporary Tattoos, Lashes

Skull Shaped Lip Gloss Ring. Don't mind the spots on my hands. I have Vitiligo.

Black Magic
Rose Shaped Nail Polish

So did you find any of these yet? Do you have a Beverly's in your area?

Monday, October 3, 2011

NOTD: Bronze Ablaze + All About You = Wallis

I know I said I was on a no polish to give my nails a break. Honestly I couldn't stay away. Seriously after I painted my nails this morning, I felt so much happier! Happy Happy Joy Joy! I missed my daily mani's. I've just come to realize my nails were meant to be short and I've accepted that. :)  So here is my first NOTD! One of my favorite blogs, Nouveau Cheap featured a "DIY version of Butter London Wallis" by using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Bronze Ablaze and Sinful Colors All About You. I had both colors in my stash (but not Wallis) and really liked the look of it. Here are my pics:

The two polishes I used

Outdoor shot. My hand looks creepy at this angle. LOL
Indoor Natural light.
Have you tried this yet? Does it compare to Butter London Wallis?

Cult Nails 1000 Follower Giveaway

Here is a chance to win one of every color that Cult Nails have made and that are in stock. Click this link to enter now!! They have beautiful colors and was started by a nail blogger! This is straight from the Cult Nails blog:
"Here's the deal, leave a comment below and let me know if you are already a Cult Member and if so, what is your favorite color? If you're not an official Cultie just yet, but you want to be, let us know which color you would want. It's that simple! You can blog, tweet or FB for more entries, just be sure to link Cult Nails to your tweet or FB so we see it and come back and leave a comment with the date and name you tweeted or FB'd about us or leave a link to your blog post. You must be a follower to win, but this is open to everyone, including international followers! This is going to be a fairly short contest. The last day to enter will be Thursday Oct 6th and I will pick a winner some time on Friday."

 So go visit her blog at the link above and enter her giveaway! How awesome is that? What's your favorite color? 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New GetGlue Stickers

Have you signed up for yet? I got my second set of stickers.
I watched a lot of Storage Wars and Hell's Kitchen I guess. LOL. Look, WEEDS!

If you haven't signed up yet, please sign up using my invite link!
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