Saturday, October 15, 2011

DIY Nail Polish Jewelry

There are a lot of girls making their own nail polish jewelry. I like to follow the masses so I have made a few of my own. I found some cheap supplies on Etsy. They came from China but I got five ring settings and five glass cabochons for less than $7. The originator of this trend is GingerKitty Designs, who has her own etsy shop where she sells beatiful jewelry painted with nail polish! I would love to see her polish collection!  I don't plan on opening up an Etsy shop soon. I ended up giving these to my daughter who will probably give some away to friends too. It was fun coming up with all the possibilities. I have way too many colors and there were plenty of combinations to choose from. But I narrowed it down and these are what I came up with!

From top to bottom: China Glaze Fairy Dust over a navy blue, Sinful Colors Nail Junkie, Kleancolors Scarlet over black, and the Forever 21 combo I have on my nails. I also made one more that is in the next pic, with Zoya Apple and Sinful Colors San Francisco. 

These were really simple and fun to make. What have you made lately? Show it off!


  1. I totally want to learn how to do this, I want nail polish jewelry.

  2. I just made some pendants in the last few days. It was a lot of fun. :) Love your rings

  3. They look great!
    I was searching for these, thx

  4. i sooo want to try this! any way you can email me the link where you got the supplys :D ?


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