Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dollar Tree Haul

Has anyone found cute polish at Dollar Tree late? Mine usually just has L.A. Colors but they finally had some new stuff. I found some glow in the dark polish called Expressions. I also found two other no names that had a bottle like the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength with a little rhinestone on the front. I haven't swatched those yet but hope they turn out OK. Really they were an impulse buy. I didn't need any of these. But when do I ever need any? Here is a pic:

Fake Sally Hansen, Glow in the Darks, Fake Sally Hansen
  I swatched the pink glow in the dark. It is so sheer. I only put on one coat to test it out and it is BRIGHT when it glows! I couldn't take any decent pictures but will try again later. But I tell you, I even put two coats of Revlon Starry Pink ON TOP of it and it still glowed! The only thing though is this polish STINKS!!! Ugh the smell is worse than Kleancolors Chunky holos. If you use these, please use them in a well ventilated area. Seriously I think I almost passed out from the toxic fumes. I guess I shouldn't be using them if they smell this bad. LOL

What Dollar Tree goodies have you found lately?  


  1. I got the same 3 GITD polishes recently at my Dollar Tree. And man are you right about how they stink!


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