Sunday, November 13, 2011

How I Spent My Sunday

 Today started out a little lazy. Slept in til 10am. My mom's birthday is coming up on November 16th. She passed away almost 5 years ago in February. So we went to visit her grave, put some new flowers on it for her and my dad. While I was there, I found out my grandpa and my aunt died last year. Their gravestones are nearby. No one told me. Thanks family. I was never really close to that side of the family. But still, I went out of my way to tell them when my mom died. I'm not mad though. They probably don't even know how to reach me. Even though I am in the phone book and they know where I live. But whatever. So that ruined my day. Wow, that kind of sounded whiney of me. Sorry about that. Changing the subject...

After that, we headed to Montana De Oro State Park. It was nice and warm today but a little cloudy. I wish I had my camera, but there are a lot of great pictures of that place on the web. I'm lucky to live about 20 minutes away. While there, I found a lot of little washed up coral on the beach. I usually look for shells and sea glass but found coral today. At least I hope it is coral. lol
washed up coral
Then we came home and still had nothing to do, so I decided to work on my stash list. I'm not even halfway through my stash and I'm up to 173. OMG. I'm scurred... I wonder how much I will have when I'm done. I still have polish coming in the mail that I have ordered online. Eek! How much is in your stash?

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