Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nail Mail!

I received nail mail today! Two packages. I'm excited because these are my lemmings! These are from two girls I met on Facebook. I was able to to buy China Glaze 2Nite and LOL! My two holographic lemmings. I also bought Essence Waking up in Vegas. It is a flakie and not available in the States. I bought this from a girl in Spain! These are for me so I am totally going to show them off! Check out the pics:

(edit: I don't know how but somehow I manage to post these before I'm ready so if anyone sees a weird post that might not be complete, that's why.)


  1. omgg.. so jealous you got those holos! you're super lucky :D

  2. Glad the holos arrived safely and you love them!



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