Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Years!

Well on New Years day, my computer crashed. I had to replace the hard drive.  Boo but I just got everything back and now have to re-install everything. I have my old hard drive and it is recoverable so not all is lost. I am just too lazy to get my old files off of it. lol Well that's kind of how my new year went. This is the first post I have had a chance to write this year.

But since I wasn't sitting in front of the computer all day, I had time for some retail therapy! I got the Finger Paints flakies at Sally's. I had to go to two Sally's.  The first one I went to had the whole display up EXCEPT SOMEONE TOOK ALL THE TWISTED! Argh, seriously? I shouldn't complain though. I have done that in the past with other collections. So I went to another Sally's and they were just putting the display out so I got Twisted there along with one each of the other colors.

Before New Years I placed an order with Beauty Joint. It came in yesterday. I ordered some more Kleancolors, some of the metallics this time. I'm going to try stamping with them. I also got some NYX Girls I've been wanting. I think I'm going to have to compare NYX Gilded Glitter to Essie As Gold As It Gets. Both gold flakies but so different.  

The last thing I want to share is I found a brand that is new to me called Jordana. They're sold at K-Mart. I found a glitter striper called The Designer by Jordana. I thought this looked very similar to OPI Mad As A Hatter. I have never seen MAAH in real life, and honestly it doesn't even appeal to me. The fact that a bunch of tiny multi-colored glitter is being sold for like $50 on ebay seems ridiculous to me, but I know a lot of girls love that glitter :) Anyway point being, I mixed in some purple glitter I had and Boom, looks like MAAH to me. So maybe this would kill somebody's lemming? Just a thought. I think the glitters are a wee bit bigger in MAAH, and mine has some more blue glitter in it. I can add more purple, not a problem. I call it Designer Duds.  Here's a bottle shot:

Here's a swatch:
I think this was 2 coats? I don't remember.

Thanks for looking. Wow, I now have 60 followers! Thanks everybody.

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  1. So looking forward to your gold flakie comparison! I still want the Nyx one, even though I have the Essie one


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