Sunday, January 15, 2012

NOTD: Kleancolor Metallic Red

Short and sweet. I'm wearing Kleancolor Metallic Red I love this red. It looked like my nails were lit up with red LED lights or something. lol. All the Kleancolor Metallics are great but red is my favorite.

Photo taken indoors
And on an unrelated note, I just wanted to share what my daughter and I did last weekend. Her and a friend wanted to go to the tide pools that we live by. I had never been to that side of the beach before. The large beach is separated by some bluffs so I usually just go to the sandy beach. Anyway, I was surprised at how cool the other side looked. The tide pools were filled with sea anemones, star fish, hermit crabs, crayfish, and snails. It was so beautiful and the weather on a January afternoon was gorgeous. It was like 75 degrees that day. I love living here.
It is hard to see but my daughter and her friend are in the center of the pic.

A trail that leads down to the tide pools but we took the safer route with the stairs.
That's all. Thanks for looking!

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