Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Deuce Beauties: Giveway Sinful Colors Cast Away Collection!

I am in love with the new Sinful Colors Cast Away collection but do not live near a Walgreens! I hope these come to Rite-Aid soon. If you are interested in winning a set (like I am) please go visit Deuce Beauties by clicking on the link below!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Latest Haul for February

Wow I've been away for a while. I haven't really painted my nails lately but I have been shopping like crazy. Here is my latest haul. Excuse the lousy pictures.

So on my search for the new Sinful Colors Castaway Collection (please see swatches by Mimi of Make Up Withdrawal!) and Green Ocean, none of which Walgreens had yet; I did find some of the other new colors out. I got Island Coral, Bikini, and Blue By You. Innocent is also part of the haul but I picked that up at Target. If anyone wants to swap, I can get you some Spoiled polishes. I really want to get SC Grecian Sun, Zeus, and Olympia

I also got nail mail from an international swap. Kerrie from Pish Posh and Polished and I swapped. I was able to get a Max Factor Fantasy Fire!! Woo hoo! And since most of the swatches I've seen of this are over Revlon Royal, I had to buy this also. That was purchased here in the States by me :)  I own very few Revlons and I can't believe I took so long to get this one. I love it, even on its own. Kerrie if you are reading this, I hope you get your package soon!  

Awkward hand shot.

Also as part of the swap, I got some Barry M's. My first ones. I have the Crock Effects, Lavender Hexograms and Racing Green. I'm so excited to try the Croc Effects. I haven't worn it on my nail yet but when I swatched it (yes on top of base color) on my nail wheel, it flaked away when dried. Like literally I blew on it to dry and it like disintegrated and flaked off. Weird. Hope it reacts differently to my nails.

Lastly I picked up a set of Cheeky Stamping plates. These are sold on Amazon for $17.99. You get 26 plates with 160 designs on them total. They have some cute images but a lot of the images are pretty small. I hope I can get good use out of them. I have heard a lot of good things though from other girls that have used them and hopefully they all stamp well.

Well that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


What's a Frankenlipp? If you really think about it, I'm sure you'll know what it is. We've all done it. Try and make your own version of an (ridiculously) expensive polish. Usually it is Candy Shop or Glitter In the Air. Have you seen the new one coming out, Mermaid's Dream? Looks like a golden/blue-green glitter mix. Very pretty. It is probably the first time I might actually shell out the cash for one. But after looking at it for a while, I thought maybe I could make my own? Yes I think I actually did. Please see...

Ok probably not an exact dupe but I love it. I'm a horrible Dr. Frankenstein and cannot tell you the exact recipe. In my mind, I thought I could do it with just three polishes and a blue eye shadow pigment. That would be OPI Spark de Triomphe and Jordana Glitter Specialty Blue Bash and Celestial with some blue eye shadow pigment. Well that was the base of it all. I started adding some blues and greens to make the base more opaque. It still comes out pretty golden though. Eventually I got to the point where I was happy with it.

Here's some pics in sunlight:

3 coats, nothing underneath. Topped with Seche Vite

3 coats, nothing underneath. Topped with Seche Vite

See Blushing Noir's swatches about the real Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream here. How do you think I did??

I still might be buying the real thing though. :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Nail Art by My Daughter

I have an 11 year old daughter that loves nail art. She's not into collecting nail polish like I am, just making the art. While I was on Pinterest yesterday she looked over my shoulder and saw this pin from Maquiclub Girl and wanted to recreate it on her nails. I gave her the colors, sponge and stamp and she recreated it pretty well.

This is Zoya Sooki, Sinful Colors Snow Me White sponged on the tips, and Bundle Monster plate BM 03

Then later in the day she went and did this:
She caught a lizard.
She's still a tomboy but at least her nails are pretty. lol

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whimsical Cinderella

On a suggestion from one of my earlier posts, I have layered Revlon Whimsical on top of Sinful Colors Cinderella. I think I used about 3 coats of Cinderella and 1 coat of Whimsical. Topped all that with Seche Vite. It is really nice and you can still see the shimmer of Cinderella.

Thanks to Emma from Manicurity for the suggestion and these awesome polishes!

Friday, February 10, 2012

NOTD: Pure Ice Kiss Me Here + Trendy Milano 132

  Today was a gloomy day and I felt like wearing a gray polish. Is it gray or grey? I'm never sure. The base coat is Pure Ice Kiss Me Here. Such a weird name. Who would want to kiss anything if it is this color? It seemed a little too plain by itself so I added a top coat of this glitter. I think the brand name is trendy Milano but I can't find anything about it online. There is no name, just number 123 on the bottom. I got it as a gift from a Secret Santa package and it is international. It came all the way from Cyprus.

The glitter in this is a color changing glitter and there are different size hex glitters. It turns to blue to green to gold. When I put it on, it is barely noticeable except in certain light. Then it flashes blue or green. It is pretty and reminds me of Finger Paints Flecked, just in glitter form. If anyone has any information on this brand, please leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nail Mail

I got these two beauties in the mail today from a friend on Facebook. I don't know why but I can't find these anywhere around me. I didn't expect to find Cinderella yet but I was hoping to at least find Whimsical some place. That one has been out for a while and I have looked high and low.  I have to travel out to Walgreens where I am. The nearest ones are 30 minutes away. I still couldn't find either of these. Luckily I had some stuff to swap for them. I'm so happy! Sinful Colors Cinderella is awesome with pink/gold shimmer and I'm loving Whimsical. Can't wait to swatch them!

The best shot I can get of the shimmer.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stamping practice

Salon Express Plate 18 stamped with China Glaze Mega Bite

Bundle Monster plate 11 with Konad Special Polish White. I smudged the image on my index and middle finger by accident.

My long story with stamping...

I've never had much luck with Konad and Faux-nad stamping. The first set I bought was a starter set, authentic Konad. It came with the stamper, scraper and a special polish and couple image plates. The stamper would not work. I looked online and found some solutions like taking out the silicone stamper and "massaging" it. I also read that if you file the stamper with a nail file, that helps too. I thought maybe I was waiting too long to pick up the image and the polish was drying. I could go on and on but whatever I did the damn thing wouldn't work!

Then I found out about and they sell cheap alternative image plates and stampers. This was around the time they were doing a free promotion for a free Hello Kitty plate. I signed up and was able to get one so I bought a new stamper and scraper a long with it. So I tried these out and there was a big improvement. I could stamp again! Ohh but not for long because that stopped working after a few tries. WTF!?! All though the filing trick worked with this stamper, I did not want to file the stupid stamper after each try. It is not worth the trouble. I gave up and just put all my stamping stuff away.

Finally around Christmas time last year, I saw the Salon Express nail stamping kit at Rite-Aid. This is a "Made for TV" product so I was skeptical. It was cheap, came with everything but the polish so I decided to take another shot at stamping. I think this stamper is great! I have not had any problems with it so far. Everything I have stamped has worked. It isn't perfect but I admit it has more to do with my technique than the stamper/image plates themselves. The plates aren't that great the come with the kit. The designs I mean, but for someone starting out I think I has a lot of cute images. I have both of the Bundle Monster sets and so far it has worked great with the ones I have used with them also. I love it and highly recommend it! This is just my opinion and not some paid endorsement.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome February

Well it is the first day of the shortest month of the year. We have 29 days this month! It is a Leap Year!

I think I want to start doing a monthly "theme" for my nails. I was trying to come up with a theme for my manicures this month and just decided to do red and pinks because of Valentine's Day. I am stealing this idea from another blogger (and I'm sorry I forget which blogger is doing this). Today I put two coats of Orly Ma Cherie. It is a bright red jelly. Then I topped it with a layer of China Glaze Ring in the Red which has red glitter. It looks really nice. I was afraid it would look too Christmas-y but now that I see it IRL it can totally pass for a Valentine's mani.

While researching the theme for February, I discovered that February has many different "holidays". Besides being African American History Month, February is also Beans Month, International Hoof-care Month, and Marijuana Awareness Month. February first is also G.I. Joe Day, Robinson Crusoe Day, and Working Naked Day! lol Just some random stuff I found out online.

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