Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nail Mail

I got these two beauties in the mail today from a friend on Facebook. I don't know why but I can't find these anywhere around me. I didn't expect to find Cinderella yet but I was hoping to at least find Whimsical some place. That one has been out for a while and I have looked high and low.  I have to travel out to Walgreens where I am. The nearest ones are 30 minutes away. I still couldn't find either of these. Luckily I had some stuff to swap for them. I'm so happy! Sinful Colors Cinderella is awesome with pink/gold shimmer and I'm loving Whimsical. Can't wait to swatch them!

The best shot I can get of the shimmer.


  1. OOOHH OOHHH try them layered together!!! I might try that combo soon

  2. I found Cinderella on accident at a Walgreens about 45 minutes from my house, and Whimsical about an hour away at Kmart, which I had never stepped foot in until that day. I totally know about being far away from all these stores to get your hands on stuff you want! haha :D

    Jenny @ Jems From Jenny

  3. Layering them would be awesome but both are so sheer.


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