Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stamping practice

Salon Express Plate 18 stamped with China Glaze Mega Bite

Bundle Monster plate 11 with Konad Special Polish White. I smudged the image on my index and middle finger by accident.

My long story with stamping...

I've never had much luck with Konad and Faux-nad stamping. The first set I bought was a starter set, authentic Konad. It came with the stamper, scraper and a special polish and couple image plates. The stamper would not work. I looked online and found some solutions like taking out the silicone stamper and "massaging" it. I also read that if you file the stamper with a nail file, that helps too. I thought maybe I was waiting too long to pick up the image and the polish was drying. I could go on and on but whatever I did the damn thing wouldn't work!

Then I found out about and they sell cheap alternative image plates and stampers. This was around the time they were doing a free promotion for a free Hello Kitty plate. I signed up and was able to get one so I bought a new stamper and scraper a long with it. So I tried these out and there was a big improvement. I could stamp again! Ohh but not for long because that stopped working after a few tries. WTF!?! All though the filing trick worked with this stamper, I did not want to file the stupid stamper after each try. It is not worth the trouble. I gave up and just put all my stamping stuff away.

Finally around Christmas time last year, I saw the Salon Express nail stamping kit at Rite-Aid. This is a "Made for TV" product so I was skeptical. It was cheap, came with everything but the polish so I decided to take another shot at stamping. I think this stamper is great! I have not had any problems with it so far. Everything I have stamped has worked. It isn't perfect but I admit it has more to do with my technique than the stamper/image plates themselves. The plates aren't that great the come with the kit. The designs I mean, but for someone starting out I think I has a lot of cute images. I have both of the Bundle Monster sets and so far it has worked great with the ones I have used with them also. I love it and highly recommend it! This is just my opinion and not some paid endorsement.

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  1. I always have the worst luck with my Konad plates versus my M.A.S.H. and Bundle Monster plates. By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog award over on my blog.


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