Monday, April 23, 2012

My First A-England: Ascalon

When a-england recently had a 30% off sale for the creator's cat's birthday (yes that's really what I wrote), I decided to buy my first a-england polishes. I bought Ascalon and Bridal Veil. I'm going to show you Ascalon today. Ascalon is a pretty holo purple polish. It is almost kind of a duochrome as it looks gray at some angles and purple in others. Maybe it is all that holo goodness that makes it look different all the time.

indoor light
indoor with flash
This is just one coat! No streakiness, no bald patches...just a smooth, one-coat application!  I freaking love this polish! Check them out! The sale is over but the owner/creator, Adina, offers free shipping WORLDWIDE all the time with no minimum (they're from the UK)! Who does that???

Thanks for looking!

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  1. the cat is called Tristam, he is GORGEOUS ! looks good on you xxx


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