Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I posted this on my instagram but wanted to post about it on my blog too! I don't do nail art that much, mainly because I stink at it. I came up with something easy for today, which is Cinco de Mayo! For us Americans, it is basically another drinking holiday. My husband, who is Mexican, would like to make sure everyone knows that it is not Mexican Independence Day. That is on September 16th!

Anyway back to the you recognize the design? It is a little plain. I wanted to stamp a crown on it but the only crown image I have is too big for my overall design. Still need a hint?

It is a bottle of cerveza. Corona beer! The yellow base is Sinful Colors Firefly. The glitters is a franken I made. It represents the colors of the Mexican Flag: red, white, and green. The white is Sinful Colors Snow Me White, and the blue is Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue.

Thanks for looking and have a safe and wonderful weekend!

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