Monday, May 28, 2012

MSMD Monday: Hearts and Black French Tips

It is Monkey See Monkey Do Monday! Happy Memorial Day too! Monkey See Monkey Do Mondays are where we re-create manis from different blogs or pictures we have "pinned" on Pinterest, and link back to the original blogger.

This week, my inspiration came from Enamel Girl. I used all black in my design. She wrote that she used a navy blue and I don't really have a good stamping polish in that color. So the base is RBL Poco a Poco and the black tips and stamping were done with an image from the DRK-A plate and Cult Nails Nevermore. This new black of theirs is awesome for stamping, or just wearing on its own. It is a one coat black and so shiny, no top coat needed really! I hope they keep it in their core collection because I think I might need to get a back up.

Does anyone have any tips for not smearing the design by putting top coat? I waited about 5 minutes for this to dry before I put top coat and it still smeared. I used the Color Club 0-60 Top coat because I heard that doesn't smear designs but it clearly did, for me anyway.

Thanks for looking and please visit the others participating.

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