Saturday, May 26, 2012

PCF Summer Challenge: Your Favourite Summer Color

I have found a new love for neon colors. I do kind of hate the semi-matte finish of them though. The colors are fabulous. Thank goodness for top coat! My new favorite summer color is hot pink. The one I love in my collection is by Love & Beauty Hot Pink/Coral that I found at Forever 21 for less than $3. The color isn't very accurate in the picture. If you have seen pink highlighter pens, it is more like that.

I tried to do kind of a Harlequin design. I used a black striper and made black triangular shapes at the bottom of my nails. When that was dried, I stuck on these diamond stud nail stickers that I found at Wal-Mart. They're made by Kiss. The stickers stay on pretty well but I still put on a top coat. 

I hope you liked this. Thanks for reading, and please visit the other blogs participating in the summer challenge! Smile, it is a three day weekend (for those in the US)!

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