Sunday, August 19, 2012

Blue China Nails

I started with a base coast of white and then used striping tape to tape rows across my thumb. At first I wanted to do a tape mani on all my nails but got lazy so I just made those as accent nails. lol. I only have thin nail tape and it is hard to apply. It kept twisting and turning. It would go down crooked and I'd reset it. Finally I got frustrated and said to hell with it. So I found a stamp that I thought would look nice with what I did so far. The image is from a plate that came with the Salon Express kit. It was from plate SE 10. I stamped on top of  Sinful Colors Blue By You with Sinful Colors Snow Me White. It looks like some fancy pattern on antique China. I love it.  Thanks for looking! Hope you like it.

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