Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Franken Polishes Part 1

I've been trying to save money lately and not buy impulsively [nail polish]. I figured if I really want a polish, I should make my own. I have enough polish to come up with a dupe or something close if I really wanted. So let me share what I have made lately. I have only made one of each and these aren't for sale (not like they are worthy of being for sale). I'm just doing this for fun! 

My first polish is a gray based polish with blue and iridescent glitter. Believe it or not, gray is one of my favorite colors. I haven't worn it much because a lot of gray polish looks the same. I only have one or two in my stash. I wanted a light gray with some sparkle and shimmer so this is what I frankened.  I'm no pro yet and what I came up with looks great in the bottle but still not great on my nails. But I still like it. It just needs some more tweaking. So far I've named it Civil War.

Here are some bottle shots. 
Look how gorgeous this is!

Here it is on my nails. 

 I used a variety of polishes to make this. It is not from scratch. I used a little  Bon Bons iridescent pastel glitter in a clear base. I forgot the name and the label is gone.  I added a little Orly Spazmatic, Love & Beauty Silver (a silver scattered holo), and Zoya Dove. It was too sheer so I added a few drops of Wet N Wild Black Creme. But seeing how the Bon Bons bottle is super tiny, a few drops might have been too much. I'd like it to be a little lighter and the glitter and shimmer to show more. Maybe I just need to shake it  a lot more or add some more base.

Thanks for reading. Let me know your thoughts on this. Tomorrow I'll share another.

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