Tuesday, September 4, 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 4: Green

Today is green nails. I chose to wear a magnetic polish by Wet N Wild called Drawn Together By Force. I picked this up at Rite-Aid for $4.99.

It is a very pretty jewel tone green. The formula is great but the magnet is horrible. The magnet is at the top of the cap and it is not very strong. I had to use another magnet from another brand to bring out the lines.

That was pretty much all for naught though. The lines started to fade after I put on top coat. I used Poshe fast dry so I didn't have much time to use the magnet again. Bummer! Despite the lines fading and the magnet being crap, it is still a pretty color. :)

Thanks for looking.

1 comment:

  1. We both used magnetic polish today! That makes me happy. I'm sorry your lines started to fade, how many coats of polish did you use? Once I started applying two, I was seeing a big difference with my magnetic polishes. If you already do that then that really sucks, it is a pretty color though.


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