Friday, September 7, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 7 - Black and White

I've done black and white nails in the past and was just going to post that today. But I figured that might be cheating? The old post with the black and white is here. These are my black and white nails today. A lot more simpler than the other design.

So the white I used is Urban Outfitters Virgin. The black is good ol' Wet N Wild Black Creme. On top of the black, is Sally Hansen White Veil. It is matte white/silvery glitters with some gold hex glitters floating around too. Then on the thumb is Wet N Wild Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night from the new Fergie Collection. That's black glitters with some gold hex glitters floating around. See they're opposite, kind of ying yang.

I stamped these swirlies from my DRK-A plate with black creme. I started using the NYC In a New York  Color Minute quick dry top coat recently after hearing good things about it lately. It is a pretty good alternative to Seche Vite. It isn't as shiny at Seche but there is no shrinkage and it is not as thick. I'm loving it!

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