Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Robin Moses Inspired Nail Art

Hi y'all. I just wanted to check in and do a quick blog post. I've been watching Robin Moses nail art videos on youtube lately. Well I've been watching forever but never actually tried doing any. So I took a shot and tried a few.

The first one I did is cherry blossoms on a white background using this tutorial:

This is my Robin Moses inspired result:
Blah. I wasn't really happy with it. So consider this a fail.

Then I tried the same tutorial but used different colors for a "fall mani". This is how it turned out.
This one looks much nicer and not so blobby as the other one. I love it. Yay!

Then I tried this tutorial, vintage cherries:

This is what mine looked like:
I loved how the cherries turned out and can you believe I did this with my non-dominant right hand (I'm left handed)! They are a lot bigger than the ones in the tutorial but I haven't really mastered any brush strokes yet. I'm very heavy handed when it comes to nail art.

Well I hope you liked my Robin Moses inspired art and go ahead and try some for yourself. She has TONS of tutorials on youtube!

1 comment:

  1. From a cherry farmer (yes really), I like your cherry ones best. The darker blossoms are only found on ornamental trees. You did a great job.


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