Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 31

So today is the LAST day of the challenge and it is to recreate someone's mani from earlier in the challenge. I kept coming back to Katee Baum's from A Girl and Her Polish drip manicure that she did for Merge or Melt day. She used the new spring Zoyas from their Lovely Collection to make ice cream melts. Her drips looks perfect and the colors from Zoya are true to the name, lovely. I don't own any of the Zoya's yet so I ended up using what I did have.

The base is Sally Hansen Lightening. The blue is Sally Hansen Blue Away. The orange is Sinful Colors Luminary. The green is Sinful Colors Olympia. The purple is Love & Beauty Dusty Lavender. 
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 30

Today's challenge is your favorite nail art technique. I couldn't decide between stamping and gradients so I did both. A mermaid mani would be a perfect fit to showcase both techniques. So I started with a base of Sinful Colors Be Happy, which is a light Tiffany blue. Then sponged a gradient with Sinful Colors Grecian Sun and Blue By You. Then lightly sponged Orly Angel Eyes on the tips. The scales are from Mash-39 and I used Kleancolor Metallic Aqua.

So tomorrow is the last day and I am proud to say that I will have completed every single day of the 31 day challenge! Woo hoo! Please visit the other bloggers participating.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 29

So we're almost done with the challenge and today's is inspired by a blogger. Do you recognize this? I chose again to do a Robin Moses design.Would she be considered a blogger? I mean she has a blog but the pics all link back to her Youtube channel. 

I really wanted to do a floral design. So this is inspired by her red roses on black tips.  I'm really happy with how it turned out. I know French tips are either a love it or hate it kind of thing but I love it. Even though my nails are pretty short here, the nail beds are long so the French tips work.

The base is two coatsNicole by OPI Kim-Pletely in Love. It is a sheer pink with blue shimmer. The black is Cult Nails Nevermore. Then the roses and stems are paint.

Here is her tutorial: 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 28

So today's challenge is inspired by your favorite color, which happens to be purple for me. This is purple galaxy nails, inspired by Natalie from Nailz Craze who was inspired by Makeup Withdrawal. Maybe I should have saved this for the inspired by bloggers day.

My base color is Sinful Colors Verbena. Then I sponged on randomly Revlon Gold Coin, Sinful Colors Easy Going, and Sally Hansen Blue Away. Then topped it with a silver holo glitter from Forever 21's Love & Beauty line. The stars and unicorn were stamped with NC 02 from Nailz Craze. 

Don't forget to visit the other participants in the challenge! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 27

Day 27's challenge is inspired by you. I did this to reflect that I love nail polish and nail art. No matter how I do my nails though (simple or fancy), I'm always a jeans and flannel shirt kind of girl. I dress straight out of the 90's grunge era but that is my generation anyway.

The blue is Barry M Denim. The "nail art" and "I heart nail polish" are from Cheeky CH40 and stamped with Sally Hansen Silver Sweep.  I tried to do a plaid design for my flannel shirt on my accent finger. Then I tried to make the other nails look like pockets on blue jeans.

Please see the other bloggers participating in this challenge!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 26

Today's challenge is inspired by your country. I am from the US but I was born in Guam.  So I did both. 

Guam is a US territory in the West Pacific. It is kind of near the Philippines and Indonesia. My dad was stationed there when he was in the Navy. We moved back to the US when I was little so I don't remember much. But it is a goal to go there and visit one day. It is on my bucket list.

I stamped stars and stripes but did the thumb all freehand with acrylic paints. The base color on my thumb is Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. Kind of fitting don't you think?

Thanks for looking and visit the other bloggers participating. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 25

Today's challenge is inspired by your childhood. So you are probably wondering WTF this is supposed to be? It is supposed to be fireflies. When I was little, one thing I did was catch fireflies in the summer. I grew up in Virginia and when my family went camping in the summer, I'd take a mason jar with the lid and poke a bunch of holes on the top so they wouldn't die. I'd catch a bunch to make a lantern. lol of course there wouldn't be enough light no matter how many I had in the jar but it looked really cool! .I'm kind of sad that here in California, where I live now, there aren't any fireflies. 

So the base of the mani is a two color gradient. It is hard to tell in the pics but it is Sinful Colors Mesmerize and Rain Storm. Then I tried to draw a jar on my ring finger with some fireflies inside. I sponged some gold holographic glitter, Love and Beauty Gold but it didn't show up as well as I wanted. So I splattered some yellow acrylic paint across my nails as well. 

It didn't come out exactly how I wanted :*( so this isn't one of my favorite manis I have done. 

Please visit the other bloggers participating. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 24

Today's challenge is inspired by a game. Hopefully a video game counts! Can you tell this is the Legend of Zelda nail art? 

My base is Wet N Wild Glowstick (Fergie collection) except my accent is Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. The belt is China Glaze Mahogany Magic. Then the other details with paint. The glitter ties in the whole thing. It is Dollish Polish Hero of Time. 

Thanks for looking and don't forget to visit the other bloggers. 


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 23

This challenge is inspired by nature. I did a "misty bamboo forest". This is actually an old one I did. I shared it on Instagram but I don't think I ever blogged about it. So I don't remember what colors I used but I remember I sponged the base. I remember I didn't have a good color so I mixed a green and gray together and sponged it on top of a white base. Then I stamped the bamboo on using Pure Ice Not Now (dark metallic green) and Pure Ice First Time (lighter metallic green)The image came from my trusty Cheeky Mega Plate.

Thanks for looking.  Please visit the other bloggers participating: 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 22

Today's challenge is inspired by fabric. This pillow (below) is so pretty and I though I can totally make a mani from that. I did a gradient with Sally Hansen Raspberry Race and Sinful Colors Hazard. Then I used a white polish to stamp over it with this design from the Cheeky XL D plate. It is so purty. I think this has got to be my favorite so far!

My fabric inspiration:

Thanks for looking and please visit the other bloggers participating!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 21

Today's challenge is melt or merge, basically any technique you want to do that mixes two or more colors together. I did a needle drag marbling technique. The base is Sinful Colors Ardoise and the other colors are Color Club Pure Energy, Tangerine Cream, Volt of Light, Electro Candy, and What a Shock!.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 20

Today's challenge is texture. I'm not a big fan of bumpy things on my nails. Don't get me wrong. I love the way it looks. I just don't want to be bothered with futzing around with those caviar beads. So I only did an accent of texture. I'm in a Valentine's Day mood too. So I have some 3D heart glitter that I placed individually and tried to fill the gaps in with little caviar beads. The red base is Zoya Sooki. I don't know if this would be a jelly because you get a nice coverage with one coat but still there is VNL. You can use this red for stamping. Anyway it is my favorite red polish.

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Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 19

I am so late with this. Day 19 challenge is favorite polish. It is so hard to pick and choose just one from my HUGE stash. This one is definitely in the top 10, maybe even the top 5. This is a england St. George. It is a gorgeous green-blue dark teal scattered holo. It is basically a bottle of awesomeness. I couldn't even bother to put any art on it. (Ok I was just lazy today and need a palette cleanser). 

Thanks for reading. Check out the other bloggers doing the challenge! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Crumpets Nails Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 18

 Today's challenge is your oldest untried. This is mine. It is Sephora by OPI 212-Sephora. I don't know what took me so long to try this one. I think I've had it for over a year, plastic wrap still on it! It is a very dark brownish olive color with holo glitters and orange/green flakes. It has some shimmery glass flecks too. It is just a mix of everything!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 17

This is day 17, a new technique to me. I've tried water marbling in the past but I have never been happy with the results. So I've never really blogged about the results. I tried it again last night for this challenge. I'm still having some problems but I was a little more pleased with the results this time around. 

My problem comes from making the design. The polish always seems to dry fast and my orange stick gets stuck  and ruins the design. I don't think I'm using fast dry polishes. These were Zoya Dove, Purity, and Mira and I think a drop of Charisma. I just wanted to see what it would look like. 

 Then I always get air bubbles. Not tiny little ones but big ones like that dot on my middle finger. That's from a bubble. So annoying. I am so jealous of you guys that can do this. 

Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 16

Today is color opposites. Blue and orange are opposite colors. The blue is Sinful Colors It's Electric. It is a magnetic polish. You can kind of see the effect under the orange. The orange is Sally Hansen Orange Impulse. The design is from a Cheeky XL D.

 I'm not really sure how I feel about this one. Besides from bringing the red out in my skin, the orange looks like cheese. lol. I was trying to make it look like OPI Spotted. I guess it is all the way you look at it. Now it kind of reminds me of Mystique from X-men.

Thanks for looking and check out the other bloggers participating!

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