Sunday, January 13, 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 13

Today's challenge is "your cheer yourself up" mani. Any kind of mani is a cheer myself up mani for me, am I right? :) 

Is it weird that this snakeskin mani cheered me up? I was just going to stamp it, but I wanted something more realistic looking. I have real snakeskin but it is all one color and it was a real hassle the last time I tried to use it for my nails. I have the Sally Hansen strips in a snakeskin pattern but I didn't want to use it just yet. So I came up with an idea. I love it. It came out exactly how I thought it would.I still used a stamp, but not the snakeskin one! 

This is kind of what I was going for.

I think I'm going to try this again using other colors.

Please check out the other bloggers participating! 

1 comment:

  1. I love that snake print. And it looks great on your nails. Kiss you.


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