Monday, January 14, 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 14

Today's challenge is stamping. This design was inspired by a design I found on Youtube by soguesswhat11 with a few of my own changes. 

The base is Sinful Colors Grecian Sun. Then I stamped bubbles with Mash-43 and Sally Hansen Silver Sweep. Then I stamped a starfish on my ring finger and thumb with Gals GA42 and Sally Hansen Orange Impulse. I filled in the stamp with Orange Impulse then stamped over again with white. The seahorse is from SE 19 which came with the Salon Express stamping kit. I used Sally Hansen Rapid Red. Then I stamped the turtle on my thumb from SE21, another Salon Express plate. The green I used is Sally Hansen Jumpin' Jade. Then I randomly placed holographic glitters around the stamps. 

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