Friday, January 25, 2013

Crumpets Nail Tarts New 31 Day Challenge: Day 25

Today's challenge is inspired by your childhood. So you are probably wondering WTF this is supposed to be? It is supposed to be fireflies. When I was little, one thing I did was catch fireflies in the summer. I grew up in Virginia and when my family went camping in the summer, I'd take a mason jar with the lid and poke a bunch of holes on the top so they wouldn't die. I'd catch a bunch to make a lantern. lol of course there wouldn't be enough light no matter how many I had in the jar but it looked really cool! .I'm kind of sad that here in California, where I live now, there aren't any fireflies. 

So the base of the mani is a two color gradient. It is hard to tell in the pics but it is Sinful Colors Mesmerize and Rain Storm. Then I tried to draw a jar on my ring finger with some fireflies inside. I sponged some gold holographic glitter, Love and Beauty Gold but it didn't show up as well as I wanted. So I splattered some yellow acrylic paint across my nails as well. 

It didn't come out exactly how I wanted :*( so this isn't one of my favorite manis I have done. 

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