Friday, February 1, 2013

Mini Forever 21 Haul & Swatches

I went on a little retail therapy session today and bought two new polishes from Forever 21. Like always there are no names but one is labeled Baby Blue/Hot Pink and the other is Grey/Hot Pink. They are both milky glitters.

The first one to show you is the baby blue one. This is a very sheer polish. I have three coats and the picture turned out more blue than it really is. It is actually more pale pale blue. More like white with a blue tint. The glitters are fuchsia and  holo silver and tiny blue specs. It kind of reminds me of Nerd Lacquer All of Time and Space but without all the shimmer. The formula is ok. Not too thick and not runny. I'll probably wear something underneath next time. 

The next one is the grey polish. I have said this before so hopefully you know by now that I love greys! I was excited to find this one. It is very sheer also but this is three coats so it builds up nicely. The formula is the same, not too thick or thin. I didn't need to do much clean up. The glitters are blue and fuchsia with purple specs.

I also found some nail art pens there. I bought a white, black, red, and gold one. I didn't take any pics of them but they are a "three in one" type. There is a pen tip and a brush on one end. The other end holds rhinestones that correlate with the color of polish. I've used the black already and it works pretty well for nail art.

So that's my haul .Thanks for looking. Happy February!

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  1. been awhile since i stopped in there to see their polishes, mine always looks like its been cleaned out when i do go, but that grey, man...i wanna make a special trip just for that one.


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