Saturday, July 20, 2013

Old Jewelry = Nail Art?

Who likes 3D nail art? I do! If you don't, then this is not for you. So please don't leave negative comments for me.

Anyway, moving on.  I recently saw a mani on Hey Nice Nails! Instagram account where they used links of an old bracelet for nail art. Here is the link to the picture.

So that gave me an idea. I have lots of cheap jewelry laying around. What could I use as deco for my nails? I did find a few things that might be fun to experiment with.

To give you an idea, all these things came from Forever 21 and you know how cheap jewelry is there. Most stuff was under $2.

These little deer heads came from a necklace. They fit my nail perfectly. The only problem is they don't lie completely flat, and they have a bail at the top of their head where the chain went. I'll have to check with the husband to see if he has any tools that I can use to snip those off. If not, I think I'm going to glue a rhinestone on it.

These roses were from earrings. I was able to screw the post off with a pair of pliers. The back is completely flat. They are a little bigger than most nail art deco flowers but they still fit on my nails really well.

These were also earrings. I was able to use the pliers again and rip off the post. They still have a little thing in the back where it makes it not lie flat but I can probably file it down. I don't know if I'll actually use these but I like the message and they fit on my nails.

Then I found some small spikes. These were glued to some fabric hair ties. So I was able to pull these off pretty easily without any tools. I know I can buy these type of studs easily on places like Born Pretty or Ebay but shipping would take forever and ain't nobody got time for that!

I'll post pictures of finished mani's as soon as I get a chance.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mini Rite-Aid Haul

Just came back from Rite-Aid and was so excited at what I found. First my Rite-Aid has a bunch of clearance items (I passed on getting anything there though). They had 50% off Revlon nail stickers and even some of the new Sally Hansen gel polish nail stickers. The Blue Cross neons and also the Mardi Gras glitters were on clearance. They had 3 bins of stuff. So check your Rite-Aid for some great deals. I guess all Rite-Aids are different as far as clearance sales though so some might not even have these deals.

Moving along, here is what I did buy. I finally found the Sally Hansen Sugar Coats with the extra shimmer. I picked up Royal Icing and Pink Sprinkle. Royal Icing is blue with pink shimmer. Pink Sprinkle is a dark pink with red and gold shimmer.

Next I got Maybelline New York Clearly Spotted. I finally found a display that had this one. It is from the Polka Dots Collection and it is just black and white hex glitter in a clear base. I finally have a white and black glitter polish with no bar glitter! Yay! 

Then the last thing I found which I couldn't believe was the Wet N Wild Spring Forward eye shadow pallets. When were these supposed to come out, back in March I think right? They finally made it into my Rite-Aid so I picked up both pallets.

 I love it when I find something completely unexpected when I go polish hunting! 

From instagram

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Hot Pink Mani with Jewels and a Toucan

This is a random mani. There is no rhyme or reason for it.  I wanted to try using rhinestones and jewels with the new Gelish polish I picked up the other day.  Then I used a decal of a toucan and painted some random green lines around him. I really thought of doing a "jungle" style nail art but messed up. So that's why it is just a toucan with some green lines. lol

The green stone is a cat's eye type stone. Then I alternated small rhinestones and gold caviar beads around it. I used Gelish foundation as the glue and put it under the LED lamp then used Gelish top coat over it. 

The jewel, rhinestones, and caviar beads all came from Born Pretty. I bought them myself. The color is Gelish Shake It Till You Samba. I used a white base underneath though which was Sensationail White Lily. The green stripes were just acrylic paint. The decal was one I made from a stamped image from Winstonia W-03

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fing'rs Get Spotted Review

I guess this is kind of old news, but there is an OPI Spotted dupe being sold at Walmart by a company called Fing'rs. I was able to buy one, and a bunch of other things they have for nail art too, recently. This is my review. I've seen a bad review and a good review. Luckily mine worked out great so this is going to be a pretty good review as well.

I didn't have much trouble with getting any spots. I didn't use the base colors that the kit came with though. My base color is SinfulShine with Gel Tech- Pragmatic.

I didn't use thin coats and I didn't use thick coats. I tried to just have a normal amount of polish on the brush as I would use if it was normal polish (did that make any sense?).

I expected the formula to be thick but it really wasn't. But it wasn't so runny that it would pool up in your cuticles either. So I am pretty impressed with this. For me, it was really easy to use the first time out. So if you weren't able to get a bottle of OPI Spotted from someone in France, I think this would be a great alternative.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sally's Haul

Sally's is having a great deal today and tomorrow (7/16 & 7/17). BOGO Free on China Glaze, Orly, and Gelish! If you are going in store, you'll have to mention that you saw the ad by email or on Facebook or online. Apparently they won't just give you the discount, unless you say something about it or show them a coupon. So I bought a gelish polish and got one free. 

The pink is Shake It Till You Samba and the mint green is Sea Foam. I've gotten really into soak off gels lately. I want to get more but they are so expensive, for me anyway. Most SOGs are twice the price of a normal bottle of polish. So this is a great deal in my eyes. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

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via Instagram Not trying to preach or anything but my son got baptized yesterday. Feeling blessed.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review: stamping plates

This is my first proper post in a long time. Today I'm going to be reviewing some nail stamping image plates from These items were sent to and provided to me for review for free but the opinions are truly mine.

First is image plate QA16. I was eager to get this plate for the Audrey Hepburn image. There are a lot of other cute images on the plate as well. This plate costs $5.05 USD.

Check it out! It stamps pretty well. The black is Konad Special black polish. The white is Milani High Speed Fast Dry White on the Spot.

I was also sent Image Plate B51. This plate has lots of fun designs on it as well. I think this is a Konad dupe. I was really impressed with this one. This plate is $5.05 USD also.

I think the skull looks a little smudgy but I think it is because I used a little pink stamper and the image was too big for my pinky. It was hard to roll the image off. Other than that, I love this plate and can't wait to use it in some real designs.

Friday, July 5, 2013

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via Instagram Downtown art. I wish I could have gotten it all in the shot. It's really cool. #art #downtown #sanluisobispo

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July Nails

Happy 4th of July! Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. I have the distinct honor of working tomorrow. It is just a regular day in my business. Also fireworks are illegal in my town. Lame, even sparklers aren't allowed. That didn't stop me though from buying a bunch of them in the next town over (where fireworks are legal) and letting my kids light them for the next few nights. Hopefully my neighbors won't complain and call the police on us. lol 
This is my patriotic mani. I mainly used Zoya and soak off gel. The white nails are Sensationail White Lily. The stars and stripes are Zoya PixieDust Chyna and Liberty and the white again is White Lily. Then I used  China Glaze Blonde Bombshell to create a glitter gradient on the white nails. It kind of looks like sparks from fireworks falling down. The Statue of Liberty silhouette are decals from Fingr's Heart 2 Art. I topped it all off with a coat of clear gel top coat. I'm not happy about how my stars turned out but I guess they don't look so bad from a far.
 Thanks for looking!

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via Instagram Not sure why @therock posts videos of himself working out, but thank you anyway. Seriously!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sinfulshine with Gel Tech Mardi Gras

via Instagram I got Mardi Gras in my #sunvoxbox from @influenster.Love this coral color from #sinfulshine

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunkissed Voxbox from Influenster

via Instagram Thanks @influenster for the Sunkissed voxbox #sunvoxbox

Hairynscary Art Book Giveaway

via Instagram @hairynscary #hairynscary book giveaway by local tattoo artist

Fingr's Heart 2 Art Wal-Mart Haul

via Instagram Found a bunch of cheap nail art packs so I practically bought them all! #nailart #fingrs #getspotted

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