Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fing'rs Get Spotted Review

I guess this is kind of old news, but there is an OPI Spotted dupe being sold at Walmart by a company called Fing'rs. I was able to buy one, and a bunch of other things they have for nail art too, recently. This is my review. I've seen a bad review and a good review. Luckily mine worked out great so this is going to be a pretty good review as well.

I didn't have much trouble with getting any spots. I didn't use the base colors that the kit came with though. My base color is SinfulShine with Gel Tech- Pragmatic.

I didn't use thin coats and I didn't use thick coats. I tried to just have a normal amount of polish on the brush as I would use if it was normal polish (did that make any sense?).

I expected the formula to be thick but it really wasn't. But it wasn't so runny that it would pool up in your cuticles either. So I am pretty impressed with this. For me, it was really easy to use the first time out. So if you weren't able to get a bottle of OPI Spotted from someone in France, I think this would be a great alternative.

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