Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nail Art Haul Part 2

Finally got my next order delivered of nail art goodies. This is my recent BornPretty order. These are all products I bought myself.

Mint Green and Lavender 2mm studs. I love how they have all these different colors of pastel and neons. Right after I placed my order, they announced they started selling an assortment of colors in those plastic wheel thingies. Ugh, guess I'll be ordering again soon. I really wanted all the colors.

Hard to see but these are little tiger eye type stones. Some are oval, some are hearts. 

The last thing I have are these nail decals. I've already used them so I'll put a review up soon. Spoiler alert: I love them!
I'm trying to think else I have coming. I think I just have stamping plates that I ordered off Aliexpress and some rubber 3d nail art molds. See I've just been going crazy lately. Thanks for looking!

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