Thursday, August 22, 2013

Review Born Pretty Full Coverage Water Decals

Today I am posting my review on these full coverage nail decals that I bought from BornPretty.

These are water transfer decals for nails. The design I bought is kind of vintage beach designs. There are surf boards, a hula lady, palm trees, tropical drinks and a tropical hut, among other little designs.

Here is a closer look at the designs.

These came 12 to a pack and they were strips, kind of like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips if you have ever used those. I had no trouble using these. They came with clear directions. They all fit my nails perfectly. It is hard to believe these are actually made from real nail polish since they have to be dipped in water to be applied.

These decals were only $1.55 USD and it was hard to believe they went on perfectly. For that price, I was really expecting some bumps and wrinkles but look at how smooth these are! There was no bunching, wrinkling, or bumps.

Basically, you just prep your nails pushing cuticles back and cleaning the nail. Then you choose a strip that fits best and soak it in water. The decals peel right off the backing and then you place the decal on your nail and smooth it out. Tweezers really come in handy. Then apply topcoat and you are done. These lasted a few days before I removed them. They still held up great, I just got bored and needed something else on my nails.

I bought this with my own money and this review is my honest opinion on this product. I highly recommend these.

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